Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wow I'm on a roll today !! here's another post with layouts I just did this afternoon using page kits from our swap group..

 this 2pg spread I used my purple / green page kit for mercedes halloween with the family
 Annette's blue and brown swap I just love and i even had the same blue paper for background!
 Annette's blue and orange page kit from february swap!
Mickel's orange and blue page kit from february swap!

Thanks ladies you made these come together in a snap... I also did 5 more but want to add a cutout title so will have to wait to post those.
Thought it was high time I updated my blog..I have been to lax in this area and hope to do a better job.
These are some layouts I have just recently done at the crop of my grandson who is now 8 almost 9 and I am this far behind on just him, not counting the other grandkids..

part of my blue and brown page kit I made for february swaps

primary page kit I made for the March swaps I am in. This is pg 1 and pg 2 is above

      Page kit I just made for myself to use when doing brown and blue swap kits.     

                                           This is a page kit I made for March (pastel) swap